Satellite dishes, skylights and roof ventilators

Before you install a satellite dish, skylight or roof ventilator in the Northern Territory (NT) you must find out if you will need a building permit.

After the job is completed you should keep copies of all documents as evidence that the job was done correctly as these may be needed when you sell the property.

Before you install

Check the building notes

To find out if your satellite dish, skylight or roof ventilator needs a building permit you must read the relevant Building Notes below. 

These will tell you about possible exemptions and the different requirements for cyclone and non-cyclone areas: 

Any installations that are built under these exemptions are not covered by any residential building insurance.

Any installation that does not meet the requirements listed in the Building Notes must have a building permit.  

Read more about getting a building permit in the Building and renovating a home pages.

Get permission

If you own a unit or townhouse you must check if you need permission from your body corporate or managing agent.

If you are a tenant in a rental property you must ask your property manager or owner for permission for any installation. 


For more information about the building rules, standards and regulations for installations contact Building Advisory Services.

Last updated: 10 March 2016

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