Destroy a septic tank

If you are a licensed plumber and drainer, you must follow certain rules before you can remove, reuse or destroy a septic tank.

Once you have cleaned out the septic tank, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Break the base, then collapse the lid and parts of the walls above ground into the tank.

Step 2. Fill the tank with clean earth or sand.

Step 3. Hose down the sides, lid, baffle or partition (if fitted) and square junctions of the tank as you remove the waste.

Step 4. Treat the tank by spreading builders' (hydrated) lime over the exposed surfaces - wear personal protective equipment.

Step 5. Punch or drill several holes into the base of the tank.

Step 6. Demolish and collapse the lid, baffles and square junctions above the ground into the tank.

Step 7. Fill the tank with clean soil or rubble and top with clean soil.


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This information was adapted from the 'septic tank decommissioning procedure and pump-out contractors' fact sheet © Ballina Shire Council website, New South Wales.

Last updated: 30 November 2020

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