Building and energy efficiency

If you build or modify a home in the Northern Territory (NT), and a building permit is needed, there are energy efficiency standards and rules that apply.

All new houses and renovations to existing houses must achieve a 5-star energy rating.

All new apartments must achieve a 3.5-star energy rating.

There is no minimum star energy rating for other types of buildings in the NT.

There is a national energy rating scheme that ranks the efficiency of heating and cooling in your home, called thermal performance.

A star rating is given between zero and 10 stars.

The more stars, the more efficient your property.

These star ratings are a national standard and are adapted to different climate regions such as Darwin and Alice Springs.

Go to the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme website for more information on star ratings.

It often costs less to build energy efficient features into your new home rather than put them in later.

When you are still at the design stage consider all the available energy efficient features that could be included.

You should talk to your builder, building designer or architect, energy assessor and building certifier for ideas.

Before you begin any works you must check and follow the rules and regulations including getting a building permit if required.

Read more about rules and regulations related to building and renovating a home.

You can also go to the Australian Government's YourHome website for more ideas.

You can use some simple solutions to improve energy efficiency in your home like installing window covers and building a shade structure over your balcony.

Go to the CoolMob website for more ideas and information.

If you want to do any building works you must follow the rules and regulations including finding out if you need a building permit.

Read more about rules and regulations related to building and renovating a home.

Read tips and ideas on reducing your power and water bills on the PowerWater website.

Last updated: 18 May 2018

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