Short walks in Trephina Gorge Nature Park

Trephina Gorge Nature Park is perfect for exploring and has several short walks to choose from, listed below.

You must carry water on these walks as there is no drinking water on any of the trails. You should also tell someone of your plans if you are walking alone.

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Each walk is graded based on the walking track grading system.

Gorge stroll

Length of walk
Distance 500m return
Time 20 minutes
Grade Grade 2 - easy

This walk is unmarked. It takes you to the semi-permanent waterhole in the spectacular Trephina Gorge.

Although there may not always be a visible waterhole, there is still water under the sand.

Trephina Gorge walk

Length of walk
Distance 2km loop
Time 1 hour return
Grade Grade 3 - moderate

This walk is marked with orange arrows.

You can either walk down into the creekbed or walk up along the gorge rim.

This loop walk starts at the creek's edge and will give you scenic views of the sheer red cliffs over the tree-lined creek. You might see a black-footed rock wallaby.

Panorama walk

Length of walk
Distance 2.5km loop
Time 1 hour return
Grade Grade 5 - difficult

This walk has scenic views and interesting rock formations.

The spectacular folding you can see in the rock faces along this walk were created when the softer rocks of the Bitter Springs Formation were twisted and folded by powerful earth movements.

Ridgetop walk

Length of walk
Distance 9km one way
Time 4 to 5 hours one way
Grade Grade 5 - difficult

This track is designed for more experienced walkers.

You can start this walk at either John Hayes Rockhole or Trephina Gorge. Return along the road or arrange with friends for a vehicle pick-up.

The walk offers spectacular views of the rugged East MacDonnell Ranges and you can see Alice Springs from Turners Lookout.

Creekbed ramble

You can wander the sandy bed of Trephina Creek anywhere in the park. This is an easy walk.

Try walking downstream from the gorge to the bluff.

A special feature of this riverine walk is the 'celery trees'. These large river red gums were logged in the mid-1950s to use as railway sleepers for the Ghan train line and have since regrown with many trunks.

Chain of Ponds walk

Length of walk
Distance 3.5km loop
Time 1.5 hours return
Grade Grade 5 - difficult

An easy 15-minute walk to the top of this narrow gorge will give you spectacular views.

There is some difficult climbing and scrambling over rocks to get to the rockhole.


In an emergency, go to the ranger station or continue to Ross River Homestead.

Don't leave an injured person alone.

Stay with them and give them first-aid treatment.

To get help, send another person with careful note of your location.

Last updated: 15 February 2022

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