Aboriginal culture

The traditional owners of Judbarra rate this land as an important part of their cultural identity, with huge spiritual significance.

The park includes the traditional lands of several Aboriginal language groups, including Ngarinyman, Karrangpurru, Malngin, Wardaman, Ngaliwurru, Nungali and Bilinara.

The park is still used by these people for ceremonies and rituals.

Numerous archaeological sites in the park show a long history of Aboriginal occupation.

The rock shelters and caves of Judbarra support a wealth of rock art.

Much of the rock art of this region appears to represent an art style very different from other areas.

Recorded techniques include painting, stencil drawing, printing, packing and pounding.

Human figure motifs are the most common.

There are a high number of composite engraved and painted figures, making it one of the largest sites in Australia.

Last updated: 04 June 2021

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