Prepare a notice of intent

Your notice of intent must have all the information that NT Fisheries will need to decide whether or not to grant you a licence.

You should talk to NT Fisheries before starting your notice of intent to make sure you have all the information you need.

You can do this by calling the senior licensing officer on 08 8999 2370.

How to prepare the notice of intent

To prepare your notice of intent for a commercial aquaculture licence you will need to include the following information.

Details about the people involved

You must provide the details of the people involved in putting your notice together.

This must include:

  • your full name (applicant)
  • full details of consultant if they're submitting the notice of intent on your behalf
  • full details of the owner of the site (if you don't own the site) and attach written proof they have approved your venture.

You must also include your contact details including your postal address, phone and fax numbers, and an email address.

Operator skills

You must describe in detail the skills and knowledge you will be using in your venture.

This can be business as well as technical skills.

You should include:

  • details of academic qualifications, practical skills and experience
  • skills and qualifications of your employees and consultants.

The site

You must describe your site and the area around it and if available, include:

  • a detailed map of the site boundaries
  • aerial photographs and topographic maps.

You must also describe the previous land use in and around the site, including:

  • geology
  • hydrology
  • land unit description
  • water resources
  • flora and fauna
  • coastal and marine environments.

This should include a brief description of heritage, conservation, social, cultural, and economic values and features.

You must also discuss endangered species, feral animals, weed species and other environmental issues if they're relevant.

Proposed operations

You must describe how you will run your operation.

The more information you provide, the easier it will be for NT Fisheries to assess your application.

Farming process

You must describe how your operation will work, including procedures for:

  • the hatchery and nursery
  • grow-out, harvesting, and processing
  • acquiring livestock including broodstock
  • all of the species you intend to use and how you will source them.

Farm layout and design

Show in detail where ponds, cages, water reticulation systems and buildings are. Show the function of each one.

Aquaculture ponds and water-handling systems can create breeding sites for mosquitoes. They should be designed to stop this.

Timeline and staging

Set out the proposed stages of your development including timing of each stage and a commissioning schedule.

Effects of the development

Describe the local and regional benefits of your proposal.

Describe how your development may impact the environment, including any risks and what you will do to address these.

You must discuss:

  • waste management and pollution control on and off site
  • monitoring and control of mosquitoes
  • your approach to risk management, environmental commitments, safeguards and monitoring.

The information in this section will be used by the NT Environment Protection Authority when it assesses your application.

Disease and genetic material

Describe how you will deal with biological security.

Provide this information for each stage of production eg. broodstock, hatchery, nursery, grow-out, harvest and processing.

Decommission and rehabilitation plan

Describe how you will shut down the site if the operations ceases.

Aboriginal sacred sites

You must show that your proposal will not damage any Aboriginal sacred sites.

The best way to do this is to get a certificate for the site from the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority.

Make sure the certificate can be related to your site plan.

For more information, go to the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority website.

How to submit your notice of intent

You must fill in the notice of intent form and checklist DOCX (58.1 KB).

You can then submit your notice of intent with supporting documents, plans and other permits by mail, email or in person to:

NT Fisheries
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade 
Berrimah Farm
29 Makagon Road
Berrimah NT 0828

GPO Box 3000
Darwin NT 0801


For assistance with your application, call the senior licensing officer on 08 8999 2370.

Last updated: 30 September 2020

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