Litchfield National Park

Phone: (08) 8976 0282

Park sitesAccessComments Forecast opening
Litchfield National Park Open   NA
Park access
via Batchelor Open   NA
via Cox Peninsula Open   NA
Scenic Flights Open For more information go to or NA
Buley Rockhole
Swimming Open   NA
Florence Falls
Florence Falls Lookout Open   NA
Swimming Open   NA
Shady Creek Walk Open   NA
Florence Creek Walk Open   NA
2WD campground Open   NA
4WD campground Open          NA
Tolmer Falls
Access Open   NA
Tabletop Track
Access Open with caution

Section between Florence Falls north to Walker Creek is closed due to bushfires in the area.

Please carry plenty of drinking water. A number of creeks have dried up or are unusable. For more information please call the Ranger station on 08 8976 0282.

4WD tracks
Lost City Open   NA
Reynolds River Track Open   NA
Blyth Homestead Open   NA
Sandy Creek Falls Open   NA
Surprise Creek Falls Open   NA
Wangi Falls
Campground Open   NA
Loop walk Open   NA
Picnic area Open   NA
Cafe Open Information about the cafe is available at NA
Swimming Open   NA
Lower section swimming Open Access via walking track only NA
Upper section swimming Open Access via walking track only NA
Cascades Loop Walk Open   NA
Other sites in Litchfield
Walker Creek ClosedClosed due to bushfires in the region. 
Bamboo Creek Tin Mine ClosedClosed due to bushfires in the region. 
Greenant Creek walk Open   NA

Last updated: 22 August 2019


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