Children's playground and school groups

The playground at George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens features all of the following:

  • a boundary fence
  • a plant maze where children can play and explore
  • a sandcastle fort where children can dig and build
  • a beach along the creek where children can sit or explore the creek
  • a bamboo ambush trail for games of hide and seek
  • a climbing frame on a fallen tree that with a lookout over the playground
  • a grassy area and a rolling hill for parents and children
  • an orchard of exotic fruit so children can see where fruit comes from
  • a palm jungle gym to explore
  • play equipment and rockers shaped like dolphins and pelicans
  • occasional organised children's activities - see events.

School groups in the gardens

School visits to the gardens are welcome.

Gardens staff can meet and greet school groups and provide guided walks and information.

Contact the gardens to make a booking.

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Last updated: 20 August 2018