Limmen Bight Marine Park

This special part of the Gulf of Carpentaria is rich in marine life, including the Northern Territory's (NT) largest population of dugongs and three different species of rare pipefish. 

You may see dolphins and several turtles, including the flatback, green, hawksbill and olive ridley turtles. 

Keep a lookout for freshwater sawfish.

Limmen Bight is popular among self-reliant anglers who bring in large catches of mud crabs, barramundi and prawns. 

Saltwater crocodiles inhabit coastal waters. Do not swim and Be Crocwise at all times.

Get the Limmen Bight Marine Park fact sheet and map (2.3 mb).

What to see and do

You can do all of the following activities in the park:

  • fishing
  • boating.

How to get there

Limmen Bight Marine Park can be accessed by any of the following routes:

  • boat ramps at Borroloola
  • fishing camps on the Roper and Limmen Bight Rivers 
  • from the Gulf of Carpentaria at sea.

Check if this park is open

Find out if the Limmen Bight Marine Park is open.

Opening hours

All year round. 

It is better to visit in the Dry Season due to strong winds and storms and cyclones in the Wet Season.

There is limited access to boat ramps in the Wet Season.


Phone: (08) 8975 9940

Last updated: 08 February 2017


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