Non-toxic shot and hunting ammunition

There are certain types of ammunition you must use when hunting with firearms in the Northern Territory (NT). 

You need a hunting permit to use any type of shot or ammunition in a park or reserve.

Lead shot rules

It is illegal to use lead shot for waterfowl hunting in the NT. 

If you don't follow this law you could be charged with a hunting offence.

Lead shot is toxic and can harm the environment and poison animals that may eat it. 

You can use lead shot for hunting pigs on hunting reserves with a permit, but you should use non-toxic shot instead of lead shot.

Non-toxic shot use

You must use use non-toxic shot for waterfowl hunting. 

Lead is a toxic substance that can harm humans, wildlife and the environment. 

You can use non-toxic shot types including: 

  • steel shot (soft iron)
  • bismuth
  • tungsten
  • hevishot and other alloys. 

Talk to staff at your gun shop for more information on shot types.

Last updated: 12 February 2016

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