Gun and vehicle safety while hunting

There are rules you must follow for guns and vehicles while you are hunting in the Northern Territory (NT). 

Gun safety

You should follow all of these rules while hunting:

  • wear eye and hearing protection
  • treat all guns as if they were loaded
  • don't aim at anything you don't want to shoot
  • keep your finger off the trigger until you have aligned your gun with the target
  • be sure of your target
  • leave the action of your gun broken open to show other hunters its condition
  • ensure that muzzles of your gun are not blocked
  • do not shoot when talking with rangers.


You must always drive your vehicle, including quad bikes, on designated tracks.

These tracks are marked on the hunting map provided with your permit.

You can park your vehicle beside a track.

Vehicles taken off road, especially quad bikes, spread weeds that degrade waterfowl habitat and disturb other hunters.

If you take your vehicle off road you may receive an infringement notice.

Last updated: 12 February 2016

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