Working with Indigenous cultural content

This page has information for people applying for a grant that involves Indigenous arts and cultural practices or has outcomes for Indigenous artists and their communities.

There are requirements that apply to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous applicants, whether you are applying from elsewhere to work in Indigenous communities or applying from within a community.

When applying for a grant you must:

  • complete the Indigenous Cultural Content section within your application to identify clearly whether Indigenous Australians are leading, conceiving, participating or simply being consulted
  • include evidence of the leadership, conception process, appropriate consultation, permissions and support from relevant Indigenous individuals, community or language groups regarding the project
  • provide letters of support from elders, custodians, Land Councils or other appropriate community and artist representatives
  • provide signed participation forms or clear evidence of participation in line with the protocols above
  • provide evidence that your project adheres to Indigenous art and cultural protocols and principals.

Before you apply for a grant

Speak to an Arts Broker if you have questions about demonstrating community support for your project.

Protocols for working with Indigenous Artists

If you work with Indigenous artists and communities you should follow the Australia Council for the Arts’ protocols. Read the protocols for specific art forms on the Australia Council for the Arts website.

For more information on protecting Indigenous copyright and intellectual property go to the Arts Law Centre of Australia's Artists in the Black website.

Last updated: 18 May 2022

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