Health and wellbeing of students

Social and emotional support for students

This page has information on the support available to students and families in schools, including counselling and chaplaincy services.

All schools have a wellbeing and behaviour plan in place to support students and create a positive learning environment. Contact your school for further information.

Counselling services

School counsellors support schools in dealing with student's social and emotional difficulties.

Role of school counsellors is to:

  • identify and understand issues facing students
  • initiate and manage preventative mental health programs and interventions
  • assist teachers and students to resolve issues and problems.

Read more about school counsellors.

Chaplaincy in schools

Some Northern Territory schools may have a chaplain to support the provision of pastoral care and emotional wellbeing to students.

This service is optional and you must provide written consent for your child to participate in the program.

Go to policies on the Department of Education website for more information about chaplaincy in schools.

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Last updated: 24 August 2015

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