Winners of the 2019 Anzac Spirit Study Tour

The successful students travelled to the Western Front in France and Belgium during April 2019 for a 10-day tour as part of the Anzac Spirit Study Tour.

Their names and details of their entries are listed below.

Peter Susanto

Peter Susanto from Haileybury Rendall School created a video featuring diary entries to explore the heroic role of Australian women and the medals and accolades they received during World War I.

Go to the YouTube website to watch Peter’s entry.

Hannah McCarthy-Morgan

Hannah McCarthy-Morgan from Casuarina Senior College wrote a poem with a focus on the role of Australian women in the forming of the Anzac spirit.

Read Hannah’s entry DOCX (17.3 KB)
Read Hannah's entry  PDF (128.6 KB)

Jessica Porter

Jessica Porter from Good Shepherd Lutheran College created a video that explores the changing roles of Australian women during and after World War I.

Go to the YouTube website to watch Jessica’s entry.

Read Jessica’s entry DOCX (22.4 KB)
Read Jessica's entry  PDF (90.8 KB)

Last updated: 22 July 2020

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