Age your child goes to child care and preschool

This page has information for parents on the age your child can go to child care and preschool.

Child care

There is no age restriction on when your child can attend child care.

Read more about finding a child care centre.

Preschool and transition

Children should attend preschool and transition, but this is not compulsory.  

Age your child attends preschool 

Your child can attend preschool at the age of four years old.

If your child turns four between 1 January and 30 June, they may start preschool at the beginning of the school year (Term 1).

If your child turns four after 30 June in the school year, they may start preschool on or after their fourth birthday if the preschool has places available and on the understanding that your child will attend preschool for more than 12 months by re-enrolling the following year.

If you live in a very remote area your child can attend preschool from the age of three, provided you accompany your child and remain with them at each session until they reach the age of three years and six months.

Age your child attends transition

Your child can attend transition when they turn five, if they turn five on or before the 30 June of the school year. If your child turns five after the 30 June, they will attend transition from the start of the next school year.

Priority enrolment

You can apply to enrol your child in a school of your choice, but priority is given to students living in the school's priority enrolment area.

If a school is approaching or has reached capacity, the school will decline applications from students who live outside its priority enrolment area.

Go to the Department of Education website for more about priority enrolment.

When your child must go to school

From the age of six your child must be enrolled in school, distance education or approved home education.

Last updated: 29 August 2016

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