Offender programs and services

There are a range of treatment and psycho-educational programs to address offending behaviour in prisoners.

Both male and female prisoners with different sentence lengths can access programs.

The Safe Sober Strong program is also available to people on remand.

Eligibility for treatment programs is decided by clinical assessments and program requirements. Offenders are prioritised by their release dates.

Programs are run in groups, however offenders who aren't suitable for a group program can access individual treatment.

Sex Offender Treatment Program

The Sex Offender Treatment Program uses up-to-date and recognised methods to address sexual offending behaviours. The program is structured around eight modules, which are usually delivered over a six month period.

Sex Offender Treatment Program/RSVP

The Responsibility Safety Victims and Plans Program is a low intensity program designed to meet the intervention needs of low and moderate-low risk sexual offenders.

The program is made up of 20 modules that target areas related to the risk of sexual offending.

Intensive Alcohol and Drug Program

The Intensive Alcohol and Other Drugs Program is aimed at offenders who have a chronic alcohol or illicit drug problem.

The program is made up of nine modules which combine traditional pyscho-educational components with intensive treatment.

Safe Sober Strong Program

The Safe Sober Strong Program is a psycho-educational offence-related program designed to be flexible to meet the needs of a wide range of offenders with different sentence lengths.

The program includes modules that address problem areas related to reoffending.

The program is available to male and female prisoners who are sentenced or on remand, and is also available to youth detainees.

Violent Offender Program

The Violent Offender Treatment Program identifies and treats the underlying attitudes of a person who:

  • commits serious acts of physical violence,
  • exhibits a willingness to inflict harm on others
  • has feelings of justification and an attitude of entitlement to cause harm to others.

The program is usually delivered over a six-month period.

Violent Offender Treatment Program - moderate

The Violent Offender Treatment Program-Mod is a three month program aimed at moderate and/or moderate-low risk violent offenders.

Family Violence Program

The Family Violence Program is a psycho-educational program that addresses family violence and substance abuse issues.

The program is run over five days and is available in custody as well as various remote communities throughout the Northern Territory.

Maintenance / Through Care Programs

Maintenance programs help offenders to develop pathways to release and beyond release with the inclusion of various outside support services.

This will help offenders to transition back into the community and successfully complete supervision requirements.

Last updated: 16 November 2021

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