Leaving prison

A prisoner’s release date is confidential information and will not be told to anyone else. It is up to the prisoner to tell other people if they choose to.


Any money left in the prisoner’s trust account will be withdrawn and a cash cheque written out in their name.

They will be given the cheque as they leave the prison.

Transport from prison

Transport may be arranged to take the prisoner to the place they are going to live, providing it is within the Northern Territory (NT).

This may include bus or airplane travel. 

The cost will be discussed with the prisoner. 

Housing and accommodation

Prisoners may be given help with finding accommodation

They should speak to a Prisoner Support Officer or Aboriginal Liaison Officer for more information.

If they are in a work camp they should speak with a reintegration/employment officer.

Getting a job

Prisoners who have been part of the Sentenced to a Job program may be able to find work with the same employer when they are released.

Find out more about employing prisoners in your business.

Last updated: 03 June 2015

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