Darwin Correctional Centre

Darwin Correctional Precinct is the main correctional facility for the Northern Territory. It provides a safe and secure facility for:

  • people in its care
  • staff and visitors.

It has 1048 beds for both male and female of all security ratings.

The facility has been designed to give prisoners the best chance of rehabilitation and reintegration through education and employment programs.

The centre includes the Complex Behaviour Unit and a Pre-Release Work village.

Complex Behaviour Unit

The unit accommodates:

  • offenders with mental health, disability and behavioural support needs
  • supervised person's placed on custodial supervision orders who have been found unfit to plead or are not guilty of an indictable offence due to mental impairment.

Pre-Release Work Village

Prisoners with open classifications can transition to the village to work during the day. They will participate in structured education and development programs back at the centre in the evening.

The village provides real life experiences in the workforce to help prisoners transition back in to the community.

Prisoners can also develop skills in trade and employment through the Sentenced to a Job program.

Find out more information on Sentenced to a Job by going to employing prisoners in your business.

Visiting a prisoner

Find out about the rules for visiting a prisoner and how to book a visit.

Biometric security system

All visitors over 18 years of age must provide finger prints and get an eye scan on arrival.

Find out more about fingerprint and eye scanning.

How to get there

The Darwin Correctional Centre is located on Willard Road, Holtze. It is approximately 30 kilometres from Darwin.

There is no public transport available.

The Salvation Army has resumed its shuttle bus service to the Darwin Correctional Centre. For more information, call 08 8945 1947.

Find out more about how to get there.

Smoking is prohibited

All Northern Territory Correctional Services facilities are tobacco and smoke free.

You cannot smoke anywhere on the grounds. This includes car parks and walkways.

You cannot bring with you:

  • cigarettes and other smoking related products
  • cigarette lighters
  • matches
  • papers and filters.

You can keep them in your vehicle while you visit.

If you don’t follow this rule, you may be:

  • asked to leave the prison
  • suspended or refused visit access approval.

Contact details

Darwin Correctional Centre 
PO Box 1066
Howard Springs NT 0835

325 Willard Road, Holtze (off Gunn Point Road)
Howard Springs NT 0829
Phone: 08 8901 4141


Information hotline

If you have any information that may be of interest to the Darwin Correctional Centre, you can call 1800 682 377 and leave an anonymous message.

Last updated: 09 November 2021

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