Offender information for victims

If you are the victim of violent or sexual crime, you have the right to get information about the offender who committed the crime.

You can do this through the Northern Territory (NT) Victims Register.

You do not have to live in the NT to be included on the register.

Who can apply

You can be included on the register if you are either:

  • the victim of a violent or sexual crime
  • or are the legal guardian of a victim who is a child or suffers a disability.

If you are not any of the above, you may still be able to apply for information through the register if you fit any of the following:

  • you have been nominated by the victim to receive information
  • you are a primary caregiver or family member other than a parent
  • you have a history of domestic violence with the offender
  • you have a proven concern with the relevant offence.

Information you will be told

You will be given the following information about the offender:

  • if they are transferred to another prison interstate or overseas
  • if they have applied for parole and whether it was granted
  • when they are due for release
  • if they have escaped and any recapture
  • if they have died in custody.

Information you can request

You can also request to be told any of the following:

  • if they are transferred to another prison in the NT
  • the status of security ratings or any change in the status
  • any courses or programs they are taking for their rehabilitation
  • if they have been approved for aleave of absence.

Documents you will need

To join the register you will need to fill in the form.

victims register form PDF (243.2 KB)
victims register form DOCX (61.2 KB)

You will need to show proof of identity documents. This must include a copy of one of the following:

  • current Australian driver licence
  • birth certificate
  • current passport.

Information you provide on the crime will remain strictly confidential. Access to this information is strictly limited to Crime Victims Services Unit staff.

How to join the register

Submit your completed form and identity documents using the following contact details.

By post

You will need to send your form and identity documents in an envelope marked with the words ‘private and confidential’ to:

NT Victims Register Coordinator
Crime Victims Services Unit
Department of Attorney-General and Justice
GPO Box 1722
Darwin NT 0801

By email

You can email a copy of your completed form and identity documents to


You can contact the Victims Register by free call on 1800 221 372.

If you have any questions about your application contact the Crime Victims Services Unit.

Last updated: 12 July 2018

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