Get alcohol banned in a private premises

Changes to the NT Liquor Act

On 1 October 2019, liquor laws changed in the Northern Territory (NT).

The information below is currently under review.

For more up to date information, contact Licensing NT.

If you are concerned about anti-social drinking in a private place such as your home, you can apply to have alcohol banned.

Alcohol can be banned in:

  • your home or private premises
  • or a privately-owned premises that is open to the public - for example:
    • church
    • hospital
    • shopping centre
    • other business.

Who can apply

For privately-owned land and houses, you can apply if you are the owner or tenant.

For privately-owned premises that are open to the public, you can apply if you are any of the following:

  • a person living or conducting business in the area
  • a community organisation or group connected to the area
  • a police officer of or above the rank of senior sergeant.

How to apply

To apply, follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill in the application for declaration or variation of restricted premises.

Application for declaration or variation of restricted premises PDF (581.5 KB)
Application for declaration or variation of restricted premises DOCX (688.4 KB)

Step 2. Submit your application by email or fax.

Northern region

Fax: 08 8999 7498

Southern region

Fax: 08 8951 5112

After you apply

You will be contacted by Licensing NT about your application.

They will also contact the police and the occupiers and owners of the premises to discuss your application, and make a decision based on the wishes of the majority.

A sign will be placed at the premises stating it is an offence to drink or bring alcohol into the premises. It is an offence to remove or interfere with the sign.

Cancelling the ban

The ban will come to an end when either:

  • there is a transfer of ownership
  • or the lease comes to an end.

The owner must tell Licensing NT if either of these happen.

You can also ask to have the ban cancelled if you were the person who applied for it.


If you see someone drinking alcohol or taking alcohol into restricted premises, you should call the police on 131 444 .

The police can:

  • seize the alcohol and
  • issue an infringement notice for a maximum 20 penalty units.

The police can also enter restricted premises without a search warrant if they think an offence is being committed.

They can search the premises and anyone at the premises, and seize opened and unopened containers of alcohol.

It is not an offence to:

  • drink alcohol for religious services in a church where there is a ban
  • carry alcohol through a restricted premises to drink somewhere else, as long as it remains unopened.

Find out more about alcohol penalties and offences.

Last updated: 03 August 2021

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