About mineral titles

Mineral titles for mining

If you want to mine for minerals, or quarry for extractive minerals, you must obtain a mineral lease, extractive mineral permit or extractive mineral lease.

Mineral lease

A mineral lease (ML) gives you the right to occupy the title area, and gives you exclusive rights to conduct all the following activities in the title area:

  • mine for minerals and other activities specified in the Mineral Titles Act 2010
  • explore for minerals
  • evaluate, process or refine minerals
  • treat of tailings and other material
  • store waste and other material
  • remove minerals
  • any other approved activities specified in the lease
  • mine extractive minerals
  • conduct tourist fossicking.

If you hold a mineral lease for mining, you can also apply for an ancillary mineral lease to conduct associated activities such as a treatment plant. You cannot mine on an ancillary mineral lease.

For more information, read the Mineral Titles Act 2010.


In addition to the conditions on mineral titles, you must also do all of the following:

  • provide annual reports about reserves and production to the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade between July 1 and July 14 every year
  • meet the terms of any contractual arrangement entered into regarding developing, mining and processing mineral deposits in the lease area
  • carry out work in a way that interferes as little as possible with the rights of other occupiers of land around the lease area.

Renewing a mineral lease

You may apply to renew all or part of a mineral lease before the end of its term and any renewal period will be decided by the department.

A ML can be renewed more than once.

Extractive mineral permits and leases

If you want to take sand, gravel, rock or soil from the natural surface of the land, you will need an extractive mineral permit (EMP).

An EMP is restricted to a maximum area of 100 hectares and can be granted for up to a five-year term.

If you want to conduct more extensive quarrying operations, you will need an extractive mineral lease (EML).

Extractive mineral permit

An extractive mineral permit (EMP) gives you the right to occupy the title area. It gives you exclusive rights to take extractive minerals from the natural surface of the land.

You can temporarily store and process extractive minerals, remove extractive minerals from the EMP area and perform any other related activities specified in the permit.

You also have the exclusive right to apply for an extractive mineral lease (EML) that would allow further quarrying or mining of extractive minerals over all or part of the permit area.

Extractive mineral lease

An EML gives you the right to occupy the title area, and gives you exclusive rights to mine extractive minerals like rock, sand, gravel or soil in the lease area.

You may also carry out any of the following associated activities:

  • processing of extractive minerals
  • removal of extractive minerals
  • storage of waste and other material
  • any other activities approved in the lease.

Renewing a title

You may apply to renew an extractive mineral permit, or part of one, before the permit's term ends.

The maximum renewal term is five years. Multiple renewals are possible.

You may apply to renew an EML or part of one, before the term ends. The maximum renewal term is 10 years.

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Last updated: 30 September 2020

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