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Training for conveyancing agents

If you want to become a conveyancing agent in the Northern Territory (NT), you need to do a training course.

Training can only be delivered by a registered training organisation (RTO).

To be a qualified conveyancing agent, you must complete the following units of the Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing (BSB61115):

  • take instructions in relation to a transaction (BSBCNV501)
  • read and interpret a legal document and provide advice (BSBCNV502)
  • analyse and interpret legal requirements for a transaction (BSBCNV503)
  • prepare legal documents (BSBCNV504)
  • finalise the conveyancing transaction (BSBCNV505)
  • establish and manage a trust account (BSBCNV506)
  • identify and conduct searches (BSBCNV601)
  • apply the principles of contract law (BSBLEG415)
  • apply the principles of the law of torts (BSBLEG416)
  • apply legal principles in property law matters (BSBLEG512)
  • apply legal principles in corporation law matters (BSBLEG513)
  • manage risk (BSBRSK501)
  • make decisions in a legal context (FNSACC413)
  • develop and nurture relationships with clients, other professionals and third party referrers (FNSCUS501)
  • apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry (FNSINC401).

You can use a unit of equivalent value to replace any of the above.

Find out more about the course on the Australian Government's training website.

You can re-apply for a conveyancing agent licence with no evidence of training if you have had an NT conveyancing agent licence in the last three years.

For more information contact Licensing NT or a registered training organisation.

You can complete your conveyancing agent training through one of the following RTOs.

Academic Pavilion
Phone: 02 6766 1713

The Malka Group
Phone: 03 9890 3350

Melbourne Polytechnic
Phone: 03 9269 8400

National Business Institute of Australia
Phone: 03 9499 7872

RMIT University
Phone: 03 9925 2260

Phone: 08 8207 3643

Phone: 02 9942 0612

RTOs can request to have their details added or updated.


For more information, contact Licensing NT by emailing

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Last updated: 05 February 2020

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