Medicines and poisons: retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers

Register to manufacture medicines or poisons

You must be registered to manufacture medicines or poisons in the Northern Territory.

If you want to manufacture medicines or poisons, you will need to apply for a certificate of registration.

How to apply

To register as a manufacturer of scheduled medicines or poisons, follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill in the form

Fill in the application for a manufacturer certificate of registration.

Step 2. Submit supporting documents

You must give all of the following in your application:

  • a plan and description of your premises and the security measures
  • information about how your records will be kept
  • details of procedures for labelling and packaging drugs and poisons.

Step 3. Pay the fee

The fee to get a manufacturer certificate of registration is at least $181.

This includes the application fee of $60 and the annual fee of $121.

You can register for one, two or three years.

You can pay by cheque, money order or credit card.

Payments must be made to the Casuarina Receiver of Territory Monies.

Step 4. Submit the form

Submit the application form and a copy of your payment receipt using the following contact details:

Medicines and Poisons Control
Department of Health
PO Box 40596
Casuarina NT 0811
Fax: 08 8922 7200


You should renew your licence before the expiry date. You can renew for one, two or three years. The renewal fee is $121 per year.


You will need to follow the Australian Code of Good Wholesaling Practice for Medicines and the guidelines for labelling drugs and poisons. For more information go to the Therapeutic Goods Administration website.

Read about storing medicines and poisons.

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Last updated: 05 February 2020

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