Digital white card

Smart phone users who apply for a white card can choose to receive a digital version of the card. The digital version is issued in addition to the physical card.

The digital card can be downloaded to either an Apple or Google Wallet app.

You may still need to carry your physical card if you can't access your phone on the worksite. The digital card might not be accepted when working in other states or territories.

Example of a digital white card:

Example: Northern Territory Government digital white card

How to get a digital card

Once your white card application is approved, a link to the digital card is sent straight to your phone.

You can choose to download a digital white card to either an Apple or Google Wallet app. You can also delete it from these services at any time.

Digital cards are only being issued to new applicants or current cardholders that apply to replace an existing card.

Features of the digital card

The digital white card contains your name, date of birth, card number, issue date and the registered training organisation (RTO) number where you completed your training.

The card also has a QR code. When scanned, the QR code will show the same details as above. It will also show whether the card scanned is currently valid.

Checks and inspections

Employers and NT WorkSafe inspectors can scan the QR code on a digital white card to make sure it's valid.

To do this you will need a smart phone that can scan a QR code. Most phones have this feature built into the camera.

Lost or replacement phones

If your phone is lost or stolen you should contact your network provider. Read more about protecting your phone.

If you get a new phone, you may be able to transfer your Google Wallet or Apple Wallet cards to the new device. This will depend on your settings.

If you can't transfer the card to a new device, you should apply for a replacement white card or contact a Territory Business Centre.

Last updated: 08 September 2022

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