Convert your liquor licence

The Northern Territory Liquor Act is now in effect.

If your licence has not yet been converted under the transitional arrangements of the Act, contact Licensing NT.

If you had a valid liquor licence on 30 September 2019, you can continue to operate under that licence until 1 October 2020.

You must contact Licensing NT if you want to operate beyond this date.

New risk-based licensing fee

The risk classification attached to your licence will determine the fee you have to pay.

This fee comes into effect January 2021.

You can find out how much you might need to pay by using the calculator.

The Director of Liquor Licensing will write to you to tell you how much your annual fee is, before 1 October each year.

Find out more about the alcohol minimum floor price on the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade website.

Last updated: 09 February 2022

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