Responsible promotion of alcohol Code of Practice

This code of practice, issued by the Director General of Licensing, is to assist in the responsible promotion of alcohol.

Find out more about alcohol consumption data on the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade website.

Acceptable practices​Unacceptable practices

It is acceptable to conduct the traditional 'happy hour' during or immediately following normal daytime working hours.

Time of happy hour may be advertised however only a starting or finishing may be advertised - not both.
Happy hour prices are not to be advertised at all.
Happy hour must cease by 8.00 pm. ​

It is unacceptable to supply drinks that offer alcohol in non-standard measures and / or by virtue of their emotive titles, such as 'laybacks', 'shooters', 'slammers', 'test tubes', 'blasters' and their method of consumption encourages irresponsible drinking habits and are likely to result in rapid intoxication​.

No use of term 'shooter'.
No test tubes to be sold.
Standard measure only.

It is acceptable to supply a complimentary standard drink upon arrival.​

No jugs, cocktails or multiple measures as complimentary drinks.

It is unacceptable to supply drink cards that provide a multiple of free drinks, extreme discounts or discounts of limited duration on a given day or night and / or have the capacity to be readily stockpiled by patrons. In other words, the drink cards must not by design or potential misuse create an incentive for patrons to consume liquor more rapidly than they otherwise might. ​

​It is acceptable to offer promotions involving low alcohol beer where it is clear from the advertising and promotional material that it is a low alcohol beer promotion.It is unacceptable for any labelling or titling of promotions that may encourage patrons to consume liquor irresponsibly and excessively to an intoxicated state. ​

It is acceptable to conduct the advertising of a consistent price of a particular type or brand of liquor across the entire trading hours of a premises on a given day or night, providing the price is not so low that it will, in itself, encourage the excessive consumption of alcohol and intoxication. ​

It is unacceptable to refuse to serve half measures of spirits on request or provide reasonably priced non-alcoholic drinks.

15ml measures must be available on request even though dispenser measure 30 ml nips. ​

It is acceptable to promote particular brands of liquor that provide incentives to purchase that brand by virtue of a consistent discounted price, offer of a prize etc, but does not provide any particular incentive to consume that product more rapidly than a patron’s normal drinking habit. ​

It is unacceptable for any promotion that encourages a patron to consume liquor excessively, for example, 'all you can drink offers'' 'free drinks for women', 'two for one' and to consume it in an unreasonable time period. ​

Last updated: 09 February 2022

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