Keeping pigs

There are no commercial pig farms in the Northern Territory (NT) but there are a number of hobby producers.

You can find out more about raising and keeping pigs by reading the following Agnotes:

Property identification codes

If you keep pigs on your property, or move them into or out of the NT, you will need a property identification code.

Read about how to get a property identification code.

Moving pigs within the NT

You must meet biosecurity requirements if you want to move pigs from one property to another within the NT.

Read about moving and exporting livestock.

Feeding restrictions

There are restrictions on what you can feed pigs to prevent diseases entering or spreading in the NT.

You must not feed pigs any swill that contains material from mammals or poultry, or has come into contact with such material.

This includes food scraps. You can only feed them commercially-prepared meat and bone meal.

To find out more read the Agnote don't feed swill to pigs (64.2 kb).

Last updated: 28 November 2017