How to search the NT brands register

You can search by brand, by owner or by property name.

Search by brand

The NT uses a three-letter brand system where one letter must be the letter “T”, for Territory. 

In the blank field next to the word Brand, type in three letters and click on Search.

Distinctive (symbol) brand/s can not be displayed however if none is registered for a brand it will show “none" in the search results.

Search by owner

In the blank field next to the word Owner, type in a name or any part of of a name -  eg Smi for Smith or Smithfield - and click on search.

Search by property name

In the blank field next to the words Property Name, type in the name of the property or any part of a name or word - eg Sun for Sunnyside - and click on Search.

Using wildcard characters

If you are unsure what you are looking for, or to expand the scope of your search, you can use wildcard characters.  

Use the % symbol to substitute for one or more characters - eg Smi%%%.

Use the underscore character _ to match any single character - eg  _mith.

The search is not case-sensitive - ie doesn't recognise capital letters - and returns matches on any part of your entered text.

How results are displayed

Results are sorted alphabetically by the brand.  They show all of the following information:

  • the brand
  • an associated earmark, if there is one
  • whether or not there is an associated distinctive brand
  • the name of the property or run
  • the name of the registered brand owner.

It can't display what the earmark or symbol brand looks like. It just tells you whether there is one or not.

To clear the search fields, click on Reset.

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Last updated: 10 March 2016

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