Brand and identify livestock

Livestock brands in the NT

If you are a cattle producer in the Northern Territory (NT) you must use the three-letter brand system, where one must be the letter T.

You can register a distinctive symbol that is linked to the three-letter brand. Once registered, the symbol can be used with the three-letter brand or on its own.

For a brand to be used in the NT it must be registered there and comply with the Livestock Act 2008 and Livestock Regulations 2009.

Brand ownership

A brand is registered to a person or company for use on a nominated NT property only.

It must not be used in any other state or territory, or on any other property.

This means the branding iron can only be used by the registered owner or their representative on the registered NT property stated on the branding certificate.

Branding as legal proof

Correct branding of an animal is proof the animal is the property of the owner of the registered brand.

Cross branding

You are not legally required to cross brand cattle or buffalo after you have bought them. However, it may help to prove ownership.

Purchased cattle or buffalo need to be cross branded correctly to provide evidence of ownership.

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Last updated: 05 August 2022

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