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NT entry requirements

Mango shoot looper

Mango shoot looper (MSL) has been detected in the Darwin rural area. It is an exotic moth species.

If you think you have seen MSL in the Northern Territory, call 1800 084 881.

Read more about MSL.

If you are travelling to the Northern Territory (NT) there are laws that stop some fruits, vegetables and plants from crossing over borders.

NT borders aren't patrolled. However, you will find quarantine bins at all airports and railway station for the disposal of fruit from interstate.

There are interstate pests and diseases which haven't been found yet in the NT. Some of these pose a major threat to the NT's agricultural export industry.

The Plant Health Act 2008 is in place to help prevent the spread of the following pests to the NT:

  • ants
  • fruit flies
  • scale insects
  • thrips
  • sucking insects
  • soil borne pests and snails.

There are also laws for all of the following:

  • turf
  • nursery plants
  • household plants
  • fruits and vegetables and the plants that produce them
  • seed and grain
  • soil, compost and potting mix
  • plant packaging such as pallets and containers
  • agricultural and earthmoving equipment.

If you are unsure whether you have items that pose a threat to NT biosecurity you should visit the Australian interstate quarantine website or contact Plant Biosecurity.

You can also look at the NT insects database to find out information about plant pests and the plants they affect.

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Last updated: 13 April 2022

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