Managing pastoral land

The documents and fact sheets listed below provide advice and information relevant to pastoral production in the Northern Territory.

For more information on this and other topics, search the online publications library.

Read Cattle and land management practices for more Information including best practice manuals of the most up to date information on cattle, land and general property management for the Top End and Katherine regions.

Land management

Best-bet practices for managing grazing land in the Victoria River district of the NT (1.5 mb) 

Best-bet practices for managing grazing land in the Alice Springs region of the NT (5.5 mb)

Best-bet practices for managing grazing land in the Barkly Tableland region of the NT (1.7 mb)

Fire - a review of fire as a pastoral management tool in Central Australia (128.2 kb)

Grazing - the impact of grazing on pasture composition in a sandy open woodland in Central Australia (770.4 kb)

Herbage yield - a manual for the production of photographic standards for the use in herbage and cover estimates (528.5 kb)

Land systems and pasture types of the southern Alice Springs district (2.1 mb)

Land condition guide - Barkly district (895.3 kb)

Land condition guide - Sturt Plateau district (1.3 mb)

Land condition guide - Victoria River district (1.3 mb)

Pastoral rangelands research

Centralian range assessment programme (2.7 mb)

Land reclamation in Central Australia - the economic aspects (1.2 mb)

Research conducted in the Barkly region 1947-2010 (381.1 kb)

Ageing of trees and shrubs in Central Australia (169.8 kb)

Forage plants - palatability scoring of forage plants in Central Australia (105.8 kb)

Mitchell grass (Astrebla spp) pasture dynamics on the Barkly Tableland, NT: comparison of a long-term study with research in Queensland (176.6 kb)

Soils - water infiltration rates into unponded and ponded soils in Central Australia (277.5 kb)

Pastoral land rehabilitation in the semi-arid tropics of the NT 1946-1996 (15.4 mb)

Old Man Plains Research Station, benefiting pastoralists in Australia's arid zone (1.0 mb)

Last updated: 01 February 2019


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