Prevent weed spread: industry and recreation

How weeds spread

You can help with weed prevention if you understand how and where weeds spread in the Northern Territory (NT).

How weeds move 

Many weed seeds have specials ways of dispersing. 

These can include any of the following: 

  • wings or hairs that catch the wind
  • edible fruit and pods that encourage spread by birds and animals
  • hooks, barbs and sticky surfaces that allow seeds to hitchhike.

Natural events

Weeds can move long distances during natural events including all of the following:

  • floods
  • cyclones
  • droughts
  • fires.

How you can stop weed spread

You can reduce the spread of weeds by doing all of the following:

  • map and plan for weed control and avoidance
  • use appropriate hygiene by cleaning weed seed and material
  • avoid disturbing the soil
  • set priorities for weed control
  • monitor your property for weeds.

Read more on weed control plans.

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Last updated: 08 January 2016

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