Prevent weed spread: industry and recreation

Boating and fishing

Weeds can seriously impact river health and fishing opportunities in the Northern Territory (NT).

You can prevent the spread of weeds when you're boating and fishing in the NT.

Weeds can be unintentionally moved from one site to another by attaching to watercraft, trailers and fishing equipment.

A single plant fragment can start a new infestation in another location.

Prevent weed spread

You can do all of the following to prevent the spread and establishment of weeds in the NT's waterways:

  • contact the Weed Management Branch to get an NT Weed ID deck so you can identify declared weeds
  • report developing weed infestations to the Weed Management Branch
  • avoid infested water bodies or weed outbreaks
  • clean any plant fragments from your boat, trailer and all equipment before leaving a site or launching at a new site
  • be aware of the declared weed mimosa, which lines the banks of many waterways - they can rain seeds into your boat.

What you must not do

You must not do any of the following when you are boating and fishing:

  • don't collect water to move live bait between waterways - this is an under the Fisheries Act 1988
  • don't enter quarantine zones such as part of the Darwin River - heavy penalties apply.

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Last updated: 12 December 2016

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