Possums and your home

Possums are very territorial and removing a possum will only be temporary, as new possums will quickly move into vacated territory.

If you have a possum in your roof you can do any of the below to try to reduce the problem.

Remove the animal from the roof by trapping it or using scent deterrents such as bleach or naphthalene or call a pest control officer.

Once you are sure that your roof is empty, block the hole in the roof and release the possum back onto your property. 

This is the most humane way of dealing with a problem animal and as long as the hole in the roof is suitably blocked, it should stop the possum from continuing its nuisance behaviour.

Try to cut back overhanging trees to stop possums re-accessing the house.

Grease any posts leading to the roof and make or buy a nest box to encourage possums to move into a new location.

Install sensor or flood lights in affected areas in your backyard to deter possums.

Do not feed possums and make sure that all bins have secure lids.

Last updated: 05 February 2019

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