Possums and your home

Brush-tail Possums are a protected species the Northern Territory (NT).

Possums are very territorial and given the opportunity, will make your roof or shed their home.

If you have a problem possum there are a number of things you can do.

  • Do not feed possums.
  • Place unwanted food scraps into the bin.
  • Ensure that all bins have secure lids.
  • Bring in or cover dog and cat biscuits of a night time.
  • Cut back any overhanging trees to stop possums from accessing the house.
  • Install sensor or flood lights in affected areas to deter possums.
  • Grease any posts leading to the roof
  • Of a night time, as to not trap a possum in the roof, seal up any possible access points.

Failing this, you can call any number of licenced Pest Control operators to assist you in removing possums.

Once you are sure that your roof is empty, block up the hole or access point.

Possums MUST be released within 50m of capture site.

Remember, possums are territorial and it won’t take long for the same or another possum to take up residence once again.

If you are happy to have possums living in your yard but not your roof, look up ‘Possum boxes designs’ online and try building a possum box.

Last updated: 31 August 2020

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