Keeping venomous snakes as pets

Category 3: highly dangerous venomous snakes

These are the protected venomous snakes in permit category 3.

CodeScientific nameCommon name
A2640Acanthophis antarcticussouthern death adder
Y2804Acanthophis praelongusnorthern death adder
C2641Acanthophis pyrrhusdesert death adder
K2689Oxyuranus microlepidotusfierce snake
Y2688Oxyuranus scutellatustaipan
U2690Pseudechis australismulga or king brown snake
G2695Pseudonaja guttataspeckled brown snake
M2698Pseudonaja nuchaliswestern brown snake
Z2699Pseudonaja textiliscommon/eastern brown snake

These are the prohibited snakes in permit category 3.

CodeScientific nameCommon name
NAAcanthophis wellsiPilbara death adder
W2691Pseudechis collettiCollett's snake
A2692Pseudechis guttatusblue-bellied/spotted black snake

How to get a permit

To get a permit to keep a category 3 venomous snake you must be 18 years or older.

You must either:

  • complete a recognised venomous snake handler training course
  • or supply two written references from people with a current category 3 keep permit who can confirm your ability, knowledge and experience in handling venomous snakes.

You must have a minimum 12 months experience in keeping category 2 or 3 venomous snakes or have held a category 2 keep permit for at least 12 months.

You must have a current first aid certificate that covers treatment for a snake bite.

Allow two weeks to process your permit.

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Last updated: 17 February 2016

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