Feral pigeon

Feral pigeons are found in all major cities in Australia, except Darwin.

They thrive living around people as they use buildings for nest sites and eat scraps and unwanted food around towns and cities.


Feral pigeons have a small impact on biodiversity. 

They compete with native birds for food and are a public nuisance due to all of the following reasons:

  • they will nest in buildings where they make noise
  • they flock in areas where food is available, causing a lot of mess
  • they may spread disease and parasites
  • occasionally they become an agricultural nuisance.


If you have a problem with pigeons you can try any of the following options:

  • avoid feeding your pets outside, as this attracts pigeons into your yard
  • always cover chicken pens to keep pigeons out.

Last updated: 18 August 2015

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