Do a traineeship

Traineeships combine employment and a nationally recognised qualification.

You can apply for the traineeship program if you:

  • are 15 years old or will be by the time you start
  • have not already completed a qualification at the same or higher level.

Some traineeships may have special measures plans. This gives priority consideration to Aboriginal applicants if they meet the requirements of the role. 

You can find out more about special measures on the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment website.


Trainees can be:

  • full time
  • part time
  • or school-based if you are a current senior student.

Certificate levels range from II, III, IV and diploma.

There are many different pathways you can take.

These include training in:

  • business
  • finance
  • information, digital media and technology
  • community services
  • education support
  • health.

There are two application rounds each year.

Applications for the first intake round open between January and February.

Applications for the second round open between July and September.

Apply on the Northern Territory Government jobs website. Find the program details by searching for 'traineeship'.

You will need to attach:

  • a resume with two referees
  • your most recent school results (if under 21)
  • any previous qualifications you have completed
  • a declaration if you are eligible under special measures.

Last updated: 05 December 2019

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