Entry level government work

The Entry-Level Recruitment (ELR) service makes it easy to get a job in the Northern Territory Public Sector.

If you are looking for entry-level administrative jobs, you can apply using the ELR.

An entry-level position is an Administrative Officer 1 (AO1) or an Administrative Officer 2 (AO2).

Registration does not guarantee employment.

Vacancies can occur at any time when government employees take leave and or change positions.

You do not require specific skills or experience.

The ELR is open to everyone, including:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • people with disability
  • minority groups
  • overseas applicants who have an appropriate Australian working visa
  • existing government employees at AO1 and AO2 levels
  • existing government employees in other streams of employment, up to the equivalent of an AO2 level.

You can't apply if you have received a redundancy payment in the last two years from the Northern Territory Government.

Vacancies registered with ELR are AO1 or AO2 roles.

Administrative roles can be any of the below:

  • reception
  • accounts/finance/ledgers
  • payroll/recruitment
  • courts administration
  • data entry
  • tenancy/housing
  • medical reception / records
  • school administration
  • tender and contract administration
  • special projects
  • records and archives
  • secretarial / personal assistants
  • asset / fleet administration
  • training and development
  • courier/general services.

What you can't apply for

AO1 and AO2 roles in specific remote locations are not included.

The ELR service does not include recruitment for:

  • traineeships/apprenticeships
  • cadetships
  • graduate opportunities
  • vacation employment.

For information on other employment options, go to the NT.GOV.AU website.

AO1 and AO2 vacancies can be from two weeks to 12 months (or longer)

Some vacancies are for ongoing positions.

Many of the fixed term vacancies are for a period of 8 to 12 weeks.

A fixed vacancies has a start and finish date. It is up to the agency to extend how long your job is for.

Salary levels from August 2019 are:


Remuneration package range $57,781 to $62,716

Includes salary $49,936 to $54,201, superannuation, leave loading to the value of two weeks recreation leave.


Remuneration package range $63,513 to $69,147.

Includes salary $54,889 to $59,758, superannuation, leave loading to the value of two weeks recreation leave.

Casual employees are paid an hourly rate as specified in the relevant Determination.

To find out the terms and conditions of employment, go to the Office for the Commissioner for Public Employment website.

Go to the Northern Territory Government's Careers in Government website.

Enter 'entry-level' into the keyword search and choose your location.

When you apply, you need to provide your:

  • skills
  • experience
  • employment preferences.

This will help match your skills to vacant positions.

Your application will then go to agencies for consideration.

If you are successful, you may be offered a position very quickly, in some cases within a week.

When you can start work may influence the selection process.

You will remain on the database even if you are successful in gaining employment through the program.

Your application will automatically archived after 90 days of inactivity.

You will get an email to update your application before it is archived.

Read below to find out what you need to do register.

First time user

If you are a first time user, you will need to register online.

You will be sent your login details by email.

Keep your login details in a safe place.

New/current user

Once registered, you must attach an electronic copy of your resume to your application.

The system maintains a record of your job application. You can update at any time.

You can choose to receive SMS alerts when being considered for a role.

You will be assessed on:

  • your ability to do the job
  • potential for development.

You must be registered to apply for entry-level recruitment.

Your application assessment is based on the following:

  • your skills and experience to match vacancy
  • vacancy details match your preferences.

You must keep your information up-to-date.

Step 1. You will be sent an email to confirm your availability and interest in a position.

Step 2. You have two days to log into your profile and accept the invitation.

Step 3. If you agree, your resume is sent to the agency for consideration along with other applicants.

The agency will compare the skills and experience of each applicant to the selection criteria. This may include an interview.

If you are not selected

If you are not selected for further assessment or interview you will not:

  • be contacted by the agency
  • receive any type of written notification.

Your details will remain in the ELR applicant pool. You will still be considered for future vacancies.

If you are unsuccessful

If you are assessed and have an interview but are unsuccessful, the employing agency will contact you advising of the outcome.

Your details will remain in the ELR applicant pool. You will still be considered for future vacancies.

If you are successful, the employing agency will call you to confirm a start date, time and place.

The agency will arrange your employment offer.

You must accept the employment offer. You can make an appointment to complete the paperwork, or you can ask for it to be emailed to you.

Before you are employed you must provide at least one of the below:

  • birth certificate
  • passport or visa
  • drivers licence (if applicable).

Your employment letter will tell you what you need.

If you apply through ELR and win a permanent job, your name is published on the Northern Territory Government’s Employment Opportunities website.

If your position is identified as being a promotion, ELR applicants currently employed in government can appeal.

For more information on appeals, go to the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment website.

For more information

Vacancy Advertising Services
Department of Corporate and Digital Development
Email: alicerecruitmententrylevel@nt.gov.au
Phone: 1300 659 247
Web: www.jobs.nt.gov.au

Last updated: 06 June 2022

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