How to lodge, pay and calculate

If you are a tenement holder or the responsible person for a production unit, you must pay royalties and submit royalty returns.

Royalties should be paid every six months, no later than 30 days after the end of each six month period in the royalty year.

You can nominate a date on which a royalty year begins. This could be based on the calendar year or the financial year. You will need to include a provisional royalty return with your payment.

You should submit a provisional return even if you have a negative net value and don't owe any royalty. You should submit an annual return and any residual payment within three months of the end of the royalty year.

If you don't pay royalties by the due date, you will incur interest. Royalty that remains unpaid for six months or more from being due may also lead to the cancellation of the mining tenement.

To find out more, read the Mineral Royalty Act overview PDF (195.5 KB)

Payments should be made to the Territory Revenue Office.

Find out how to pay.

To submit a provisional or annual royalty return, follow these steps:

Step 1. Read the instructions of the royalty return form XLSM (5.3 MB).

Step 2. Fill in the provisional or annual return form.

If you are submitting an annual royalty return, you must include an audit report from an approved auditor to show it complies with the requirements of the Mineral Royalty Act 1982.

You will also need to attach additional information for an annual royalty return. A list of required documents can be found in the overview.

Step 3. Submit your royalty return and any supporting documents by email to

For more information contact:

Territory Revenue Office
GPO Box 1974
Darwin NT 0801
Phone: 1300 305 353

Last updated: 19 March 2021

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