How data was collected

The job profiles are based on data collected from face-to-face surveys with business representatives from each town.

The data collection process was designed with support from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The list of businesses were identified through:

  • previous jobs profile surveys
  • Department of Trade, Business and Innovation business directories
  • local input from remote town field officers.

The survey data is also supported by other data sets including:

  • Community Development Programme data from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • ABS population and labour force data
  • Vocation Education and Training data from DTBI’s training reporting database.

In 2011 and 2014, the survey was carried out in 21 remote towns in the Northern Territory.

In 2017, a further seven towns were also surveyed.

The average response rate across the three surveys was above 95%. All businesses that took part in the survey are listed in the relevant profiles.

Surveys completed electronically were uploaded into the main database. Data extracts were programmed to create individual town profiles.

Interactive dashboard

To maintain privacy, some data in the dashboard has been adjusted. This means that some figures may not add up to the indicated total value.

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Last updated: 23 September 2019

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