Employers: workers' compensation claims

As an employer, you must have a current workers' compensation insurance policy for all your workers.

When you get a worker's claim

If you receive a workers' compensation claim form, you must complete section numbers 10 to 14 in part 2 of your worker's form and submit it to your insurer within three days of receiving it.

You should report the incident to NT WorkSafe on 1800 019 115 if it was serious.

Statement of fitness for work

A statement of fitness for work, also known as a workers’ compensation medical certificate, is how your worker's doctor communicates with all parties involved in the recovery at work process.

If your worker is claiming for time lost from work they should provide this statement when they submit their claim form to you.

Prepare a return to work a plan

A return to work plan is a formal contract between you and your worker, in line with their statement of fitness for work.

If you become aware that a worker is unlikely to be able to do their regular work for more than 28 days, then you must within seven days give your worker a proposal in writing for a return to work plan.

You can ask your insurer for a template to help develop a return to work plan for your worker.

For complex claims, your insurer may appoint a vocational rehabilitation provider to help you and your worker develop a return to work plan.

Go to the NT WorkSafe website to read more about return to work plans.

Items to include

The return to work plan should outline all of the following based on your worker's statement of fitness for work:

  • physical restrictions
  • suitable duties
  • hours worked
  • supervision arrangements
  • treatment times and dates if required
  • when the plan will be reviewed.

Parties to consult

To prepare a return to work plan for a worker, you must consult all of the following people:

  • your worker
  • their health practitioner
  • your vocational rehabilitation provider, if your insurer appoints one
  • your insurer.

Last updated: 11 March 2016

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