Apprenticeship travel and accommodation help

This page has information about funding for apprentices or trainees in the Northern Territory (NT) who need to travel more than 50km to attend training at a registered training organisation (RTO).

You can make a claim six weeks before you travel to have the money in time for your journey.

You or your employer may need to cover the balance of your costs.

Who can apply

You can apply if you are either of the following:

  • an apprentice or trainee whose training is funded under the User Choice Program - check with your RTO
  • or while completing your training out of trade, or with a suspended or cancelled training contract.

Costs that are covered

This funding is only a contribution towards your travel and accommodation costs. You and your employer may need to cover any remaining costs.

You may be able to claim for the following costs.

Travel to and from training

You may be able to claim either:

  • a road subsidy of 50 cents per kilometre for journeys of more than 50km one-way
  • a bus fare for one way journeys of 50km to 1,000km
  • an airfare subsidy, calculated by the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network NT, based on discounted airfares available.


You may be able to claim the cost of transfers between the airport or bus terminal and your accommodation.

You may be able to claim $33 for travel within the NT and $55 for interstate travel.


You may be able to claim accommodation costs while attending training.

You may be able to claim $350 for a full seven-day week and $50 for each day outside of that initial week.

Before you apply

Any previous claims must be settled before you can make a new one.

You must submit a separate claim for each block of training.

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network NT can process claims made from six weeks before training, and up to six months afterwards.

Claims dating back any further are considered on a case-by-case basis.

You can claim a maximum of four interstate trips each calendar year.

How to apply

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill in a travel and accommodation claim form from the Australian Apprenticeships NT website.

If you have made a claim in the past, you will need a witness to sign section two of your form.

Step 2. Submit your form, and the call-up notice from your RTO, to the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network NT by email, mail or in person.

Contact the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network NT.

Your claim will be transferred to your bank account.

Last updated: 31 March 2016

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