Working with children clearance: before you apply

People who do not need clearance

You may not need a working with children clearance in some instances.

Short-term volunteers 

You do not need a clearance if all of the four following statements apply while you are volunteering in children’s services, a school, club, or association with significant child membership:

  • your work does not involve an overnight stay
  • you are a parent of one or more of the children you will have contact with
  • you will be under the direct supervision of someone who holds a clearance
  • your employer does not require you to hold a clearance.

You do not need a clearance if you are visiting the Northern Territory and volunteering with children for less than 14 days in a year in total.

You do not need a clearance to babysit or mind children as part of an agreement between family or friends. 

You do not need a clearance to have a child stay in your home for less than seven days in a row, for example for school billeting.

Young workers

You do not need a clearance if you are less than 15 years old. 

Entertainment services with no direct contact with children

You do not need a clearance to work or volunteer for a children’s entertainment or party service that provides food, equipment or a venue, if you have no contact with children.

This may include workers at a restaurant, performers on stage at a concert, or a catering company that delivers food.

Emergency care

You do not need a clearance to be an approved emergency carer under the Care and Protection of Children (Placement Arrangements) Regulations.

Limited exemption while your clearance is processed

Your employer can apply for limited exemption for you to start work while your application is being processed.

Read more on the for employers and volunteer coordinators page.

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Last updated: 04 March 2016

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