Working with children clearance: before you apply

For employers or volunteer coordinators

You are responsible for making sure your relevant employees or volunteers in the Northern Territory (NT) have a valid working with children clearance.

Legal responsibility

You may be fined up to $76,500 for allowing someone to work or volunteer with children without a clearance.

Many employers keep records of when staff clearances expire. You should return your employee's original documentation once you have sighted it.

You can check a person's clearance online. You just need their full name and date of birth.

Go to the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services website to check the validity of a working with children number.

Make a group application

To coordinate applications for a group of employees and volunteers, contact SAFE NT by email or in person to make a group application and pay the fees.

You can only submit group applications directly to SAFE NT. You can't submit them to a Territory Business Centre or police station.

See contact details for SAFE NT on the working with children clearance: apply or renew page.

Get an exemption for an employee to start work immediately

You can apply on behalf of an employee for a short-term exemption to start or continue working with children while their application is being processed by SAFE NT.

Apply now

On the NTG forms website

You must fill in the online application for a working with children clearance exemption in one sitting.

You can't save your information and return to it.

You will need all of the following ready:

  • a scanned copy of each employee's SAFE NT receipt from their Ochre Card application
  • name and contact details for each employee
  • a scanned copy of the employee's current Working With Children card from another Australian state (if applicable)
  • evidence to demonstrate that your organisation has implemented child-safe strategies
  • a valid email address.


For more information, contact Territory Families by emailing or calling 08 8999 2619.

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Last updated: 21 April 2020

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