Special purpose plant and equipment vehicles

You can apply for conditional registration for a special purpose plant and equipment vehicles for work related purposes.

A special purpose plant and equipment vehicle is designed to do a specific task that cannot be done by another vehicle.

You can apply for work related purposes including any of the following:

  • roadside ground maintenance
  • earthworks
  • loading works.

Before you apply

Check that your special purpose plant and equipment vehicle has the right minimum safety equipment including all of the following:

  • a rotating amber flashing light visible from all directions from a distance of at least 200m in daylight conditions
  • front and rear lighting to improve vehicle visibility
  • rear-vision mirror
  • horn or suitable audible warning device
  • adequate brakes and steering
  • red rear reflectors.

If your special purpose plant and equipment vehicle is in a public place or on public streets, you must have the rotating amber flashing light on.


Your conditional registration may also include the following:

  • speed and area restrictions
  • operator requirements
  • restrictions against transfer of ownership.

You may be restricted to specific areas of use such as the road reserve.

If your special purpose plant and equipment vehicle is over 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass, you can conditionally register as a special purpose vehicle (SPV).

You must obtain and carry in the vehicle a NT permit of exemption if the axle mass or dimensions exceed legal limits.

How to apply

Complete and email your application for conditional registration assessment PDF (582.8 KB) to mvr@nt.gov.au.

You can then organise for an assessment and pay your conditional registration fee by phone 1300 654 628.

If you can't email your application, you can apply in person at a MVR office. You can pay your fee by MasterCard, Visa, cash or EFTPOS.


To find out more, call an MVR customer service officer (8am to 4pm Monday to Friday) on 1300 654 628.

Last updated: 28 September 2021

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