Palmerston Senior College

RouteService InformationTimetableMap
68(am)Palmerston Interchange to Sacred Heart Primary School via Palmerston Senior College (Express)Timetable i68 (33.3 kb)Map 68 (274.0 kb) 
68(pm)Palmerston Senior College to Palmerston Interchange via Sacred Heart Primary School (Express)Timetable o68 (66.8 kb)Map 68 (274.0 kb)
235(am)Palmerstone Interchange to Palmerston Senior College via Zuccoli, Farrar, Gunn, Rosebery Middle School and Bakewell Primary SchoolTimetable i235
(39.6 kb)
Map 235
(742.0 kb)
236(am)Rosebery, Gray, Driver and Durack to Palmerston Senior CollegeTimetable i236 (33.6 kb)Map 236 (1.1 mb) 
236(pm)Palmerston Senior College to Durack, Driver and GrayTimetable o236 (36.2 kb) Map 236 (1.1 mb)
237(am)Moulden and Marlow Lagoon to Palmerston Senior CollegeTimetable i237 (35.3 kb)Map 237 (1.1 mb)
237(pm)Palmerston Senior College to Marlow Lagoon and MouldenTimetable o237 (38.3 kb)Map 237 (1.1 mb)
238(am)Bakewell, Woodroffe, Gray and Driver to Palmerston Senior CollegeTimetable i238 (34.7 kb)Map 238 (1.1 mb)
238(pm)Palmerston Senior College to Driver, Gray, Woodroffe and BakewellTimetable o238 (37.3 kb) Map 238 (1.1 mb)
239(am)Rosebery, Bakewell, Woodroffe and Moulden to Palmerston Senior CollegeTimetable i239 (35.1 kb)Map 239 (343.3 kb)
239(pm)Palmerston Senior College to Moulden, Woodroffe, BakewellTimetable o239 (33.3 kb)Map 239 (343.3 kb)
240(pm)Palmerston Senior College to Bakewell, Gunn, Farrar and Marlow Lagoon via Palmerston interchangeTimetable o240 (39.5 kb)Map 240 (309.7 kb)

Last updated: 12 October 2017