Real estate advertising in road reserves

When advertising in road reserves, you don’t need a permit for real estate advertising signs for:

  • house or property inspections
  • auctions.

However, the following rules apply:

  • you can only use two signs
  • you must display the signs during daylight hours only
  • signs must be:
    • portable and
    • placed at the intersection near the property advertised for inspection
  • the maximum distance from the property being advertised must be:
    • one kilometre and
    • placed where practical in terms of interconnecting roads to the property
  • signs must not be attached to trees, street furniture, other road signs, posts, street lighting, or any traffic infrastructure
  • signs must not be located within roundabouts, median strips or 150m of a traffic intersection
  • you must not use star pickets or vegetation to support the display of materials.

If you don’t comply with the above and the guidelines, the signs will be removed.

Last updated: 15 March 2021

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