Design and security features of your NT driver licence

The Northern Territory (NT) driver licence has details about you, vehicles you can drive and conditions that apply while driving.

You must carry it with you when you are driving.

Changes to driver licences

In November 2020, changes were made to NT driver licences.

Changes include a new design and added security features to help protect licence holders against identity theft.

Information on the licence is the same as the previous licence design, just presented differently.

Check your details

If you apply for a new or replacement card, you must check your details.

If there are any errors on your licence, you must contact MVR as soon as possible.

Below is a sample of the new design.

New driver licence - front view design New driver licence - back view design

Front view

The front of your licence includes your photo and the following details:

  1. Surname.
  2. Given name including any middle names.
  3. Licence number.
  4. Vehicle licence class - this shows your highest licence class. An (L) for learner or (P) for provisional will be printed next to your class if applicable.
  5. Residential address - if you changed address, you must let MVR know within 14 days.
  6. Signature strip - under NT law, you must sign your licence.
  7. Date of birth.
  8. Expiry date - if you have more than one class of licence with different expiry dates, the class with the longest expiry date will appear. Check individual class expiry dates using the table on the back of your licence.

Back view

The back of your licence includes the following details:

  1. Licence class - lists all licence class types with an icon showing what type of vehicle the class relates to.
  2. Expiry date - the expiry date held against each licence class.
  3. Provisional expiry date - if your licence class is provisional.
  4. Condition codes - if you are subject to any conditions - read more about driver licence conditions. This column will be shaded yellow if the licence class is a learner and red if the licence class is provisional.
  5. Card number - this is a unique number assigned every time a new or replacement card is issued.

A line will appear in any column of the table that doesn't apply to you.

Receiving a new or replacement card

When you apply for a new or replacement licence, it will be posted to your nominated postal address.

You can still drive while your new driver licence is sent to you.

You must carry your driver licence receipt as your authority to drive until you receive your new driver licence card.

Last updated: 07 February 2022

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