Where to stop and assemble your heavy vehicle

If you drive a heavy vehicle on Northern Territory roads and need a temporary place to stop, you can use the Darwin road train assembly area (RTAA).

The RTAA is a short term use facility. You must not leave vehicles or trailers in the area for more than 48 hours.

What you can do in the assembly area

You can do all of the following at the Darwin RTAA:

  • park safely off road
  • stop for a short rest
  • reassemble your vehicle
  • carry out emergency repairs
  • use the loading ramps for doubling up or loading vehicles.

You cannot use the facility for:

  • loaded livestock vehicles or trailers
  • loading and unloading freight.

Rules you must follow

When using the RTAA, you must:

  • meet occupational health and safety practices at all times
  • obey posted speed limits
  • only park in designated parking bays
  • pick up any rubbish
  • not carry out mechanical servicing or repairs
  • make sure you do not cause any waste, oil or fuel spillage if carrying out emergency repairs
  • not damage the facility
  • clean up any accidental oil spills - an RTAA oil spill kit is available from the service station
  • clear up any excrement from empty livestock trailers or vehicles
  • follow all necessary safety precautions when using the loading ramps
  • not block access to the loading ramps.

How to get there

The road train assembly area, Truck Central Darwin, is located on the corner of Tiger Brennan Drive and Wishart Road.

A map showing the location of the assembly area in the truck central at the corner of Tiger Brennan Drive and Wishart RoadA map showing the location of the road train assembly area

Report damage or issues

To report any damage or issues at the facility, contact the traffic operations hotline on 08 8999 4449 during business hours or email roadsdarwin.ntg@nt.gov.au.

Last updated: 24 January 2019

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