Why talk with your child about sexuality

It’s important to talk with your child and give them accurate, balanced and clear information about sexuality and relationships - without fear, shame or guilt, and in ways that suit their age and development.

Talking positively and openly with your child about sexuality can help them to:

  • trust they can talk with you about anything, including sexual matters
  • strengthen their relationship with you
  • keep safe from sexual abuse - it can help them to know what’s OK and not OK and that they can talk to you
  • understand and cope with physical and emotional changes - eg: with puberty
  • feel good about themselves and their bodies
  • make healthier and safer choices when it comes to sexual behaviours and relationships
  • challenge stereotypes about boys and girls - and cope if they don’t fit usual boy/girl ‘types’
  • understand appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

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Last updated: 20 June 2018