Children and learning about sexuality

Why talk with your child about sexuality

It’s important to talk with your child and give them accurate, balanced and clear information about sexuality and relationships - without fear, shame or guilt, and in ways that suit their age and development.

Talking positively and openly with your child about sexuality can help them to:

  • trust they can talk with you about anything, including sexual matters
  • strengthen their relationship with you
  • keep safe from sexual abuse - it can help them to know what’s OK and not OK and that they can talk to you
  • understand and cope with physical and emotional changes - eg: with puberty
  • feel good about themselves and their bodies
  • make healthier and safer choices when it comes to sexual behaviours and relationships
  • challenge stereotypes about boys and girls - and cope if they don’t fit usual boy/girl ‘types’
  • understand appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

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Last updated: 11 March 2016

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